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  • RATS Weekly Club Net: Wednesdays at 7 PM on the 146.88 repeater

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  • Third Friday of each month at 7:30 PM, via Zoom.
  • 18 Aug 2023 9:30 PM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    Voting in the club's annual election closed at the start of this month's membership meeting and results were announced this evening.

    Outgoing Board members - thank you for your service!

    • Secretary - Ray Robins KN4OJB
    • Director - Charles John KI4WCK
    • Director - Jason Pye KD4LEM

    Incoming Board members:

    • Secretary - Steve Crow KG4PEQ
    • Director - Bill Catogni N4WLC
    • Director - Nathaniel Wooley W1OLE

    Re-elected for a second term:

    • Treasurer - Doc Ellis W4RYQ
    The final meeting of the current Board will be Wednesday, September 6.  New Board members will take office at the September 15, 2023 membership meeting.  Official election results can be found here.
  • 18 Aug 2023 8:30 AM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    The monthly RATS membership meeting will be held via Zoom beginning at 7:40 PM.

    Voting in the annual club elections will close immediately upon start of the membership meeting.  Electronic ballots will be tallied and the results of the election will be announced later this evening.  If you have not yet received a link to your ballot, or if you have experienced any difficulty casting your vote, please contact for assistance as soon as possible.

    Club member Nathaniel Wooley W1OLE will give tonight's presentation.

  • 17 Aug 2023 8:35 AM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    RATS member David Thomas WD3O has passed along a list of items for sale from the estate of Chuck Smith W4SVR (SK).  Sale of the assets is being facilitated by Marshall WA4OFW.  You can find his contact information at the top of the list.

    [W4SVR (SK) Estate Ham Gear and Electronics for Sale]

  • 31 Jul 2023 10:00 AM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    As previously advertised, this year's club election will be held online using the same service we used at our August 2022 Special Membership Meeting.

    The Nominating Committee has distributed links to an online ballot for all active club members with a working e-mail address on file.  Please look for an e-mail from our online voting service provider, Election Runner.  E-mails went out this morning (7/31) around 6 AM.  You can access candidate biographies by clicking on the "i" icon next to their name on the ballot.

    Voting will close on August 18.

    As a fully-electronic club, RATS asks all members to keep an up-to-date e-mail address on file at all times.  This will ensure you receive club announcements and other important communications.  Members can do this by logging in to their account on this web site.  If you are an active RATS member and did not receive a link to your ballot, please contact Ray Robins at

  • 27 Jul 2023 7:30 AM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    The Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club is hosting its 72nd annual Berryville Hamfest at the usual spot, Clarke County Fairgrounds, 890 W Main St in Berryville, about 2.5 hours north of Richmond via I-95 and US-17.

    Gates open at 6:00 AM, country ham and egg breakfast served at 7:00, and vendor buildings open by 8:00 AM.  Admission is $10 (cash only), under 16 free.  Camping spaces are available Saturday night for $15 per vehicle.

    VE testing will be held at the nearby Clarke County High School beginning at 12:00 noon.

    For more information, see the Berryville Hamfest web site.

  • 24 Jul 2023 10:00 PM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    All area hams are invited to join the RVAHams Slack server, which hosts a variety of discussion channels on such topics as simplex, digital voice & data, HF, direction finding, and more.  There's also a beginners channel which is an excellent source of information for newcomers in the hobby, a market channel for buy/sell/trade posts, and a general-purpose ragchew channel for stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

    This Slack server was started several years ago and is hosted by Reid Barden N1VCU.  There is no cost to participate.  It has a well established user base of numerous local hams and we'd love to have you join us.

    Click here to access the RVAHams Slack server

  • 20 Jul 2023 8:30 PM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    The monthly RATS Membership Meeting will be held on Friday, July 21 at 7:30 PM via Zoom.  This month we have a returning guest speaker.  Axel Fisser K8AXX will be giving a presentation on lithium batteries.  All are welcome to join us.

    The business portion of this month's meeting will follow Axel's presentation.

  • 16 Jul 2023 10:20 PM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    Our DMR repeater went back on the air last weekend with the same configuration we were using in 2022.  If you are happy with your current DMR codeplug there's probably no need to change it.  But if you'd like to start fresh, we have pre-built starter codeplugs for 35 popular DMR radios.  Most include the entire DMRVA network.

    We can let you know whenever we post updated codeplugs with our special e-mail list.

    Find them on our DMR Codeplugs page.

    We also have a helpful Getting Started guide and a DMR FAQ.

  • 8 Jul 2023 2:00 PM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    The Technical Committee has completed installation of a donated Motorola XPR8300 repeater and duplexer, restoring our previous DMR digital offering on 443.5875 MHz.  This repeater is now in service, transmitting  20  25 (!!) watts from an antenna at around 580 feet, and is part of the statewide DMRVA network.  We're using the same configuration as before, on the same frequency, so your "old" W4RAT codeplugs will work without modification.  [More information]

    Additionally, our 442.55 MHz analog/C4FM repeater has returned to its pre-2020 position at 680 feet on our tower (same height as the 146.88 machine).

    Questions and comments may be directed to the RATS Technical Committee.

  • 7 Jul 2023 4:30 AM | Steven Crow (Administrator)

    RATS members are encouraged to review their member profile information for accuracy.  Confirm your e-mail address, call sign, mailing address, ARRL membership status, and other details are current.  Changes can be submitted directly through this web site.  Club election information and ballot links will be going out soon to members' registered e-mail addresses.

    If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your account contact us for help.

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