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Repeater Status

This information does not update in real-time, but any known system issues will be posted here when practical.

For APRS digipeater network status, see the Digipeater Status page.

Updated Jul 01 2020 at 7:22 PM by Steve Crow KG4PEQ

System/Component Status Detail
VHF Analog Repeater (W4RAT/R)
146.880 MHz, negative offset, PL 74.4 @ 680 ft
IRLP Node 4424 (8a-11p daily)
Operating Normally

UHF Analog+Fusion Dual Mode (KK4RER/R)
442.550 MHz, positive offset, PL 74.4 @ 470 ft
Operating Normally

UHF Brandmeister DMR Repeater (WA4FC/R)
443.5375 MHz, positive offset, CC 1 @ 450 ft
Operating Normally

UHF C-Bridge DMR Repeater (W4RAT/R)
443.5875 MHz, positive offset, CC 1 @ 680 ft
Operating Normally
Backup Power Systems (UPS, batteries, generator) Operating Normally  Last UPS runtime test 23 Feb 2019 by KG4PEQ, no issues.
Last battery inspection 23 Feb 2019 by KK4IUH, no issues.

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