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2009 RATS Field Day (6)

Created on: 23 Oct 2022
June 27, 2009 - Laurel Park
  • Club radio kits configured for 20-meter operation.
  • Allan WA3J watches Field Day operations from near the grill while the sun sets behind him.
  • Demonstrating my lightweight 2M yagi setup used for mountaintop VHF work.
  • Peter KF4VIZ (now K2VIZ) helps hang one of the club's loop antennas over the athletic field.
  • Peter KF4VIZ (now K2VIZ) and Tray N4PAT (SK) watch Rob KI4MCW untangle some string while hanging Field Day antennas.
  • Warren W4UIE and Rob KI4MCW connect the club's Field Day stations to emergency power provided by West End Volunteer Rescue Squad.

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