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Anytone AT878 Series - Special Codeplug Note

Owners of AT878 series radios should ensure they are using the latest available firmware and CPS versions applicable to their specific model prior to loading our codeplug.

It has been observed that older CPS versions occasionally change some of the settings associated with random channels in the codeplug.  For example, one user reported that FM APRS beaconing had been randomly enabled on some DMR channels.  This is not a problem with our codeplug, but rather a defect in the CPS.  The latest available CPS versions seem to greatly reduce this behavior, but we suspect that it remains an occasional issue.  Users are strongly encouraged to perform an export of their channels to .CSV file, and then closely inspect the parameters associated with each channel using Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, Google Sheets, or some other .CSV compatible file viewer.  Viewing the data in a tabular format often makes it easy to spot inconsistencies.

Do not assume that your CPS has correctly loaded all channel parameters on the first attempt.  If you own an AT878 series radio, you will likely need to make some edits, even with the latest CPS.

We will continue to treat this model as "supported" unless more significant issues are introduced in future CPS versions.  Users are responsible for ensuring their radios are correctly programmed before going on the air.

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Posted 8/20/2023

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