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AREDN Mesh Data Network

The RATS Technical Committee is currently testing an AREDN mesh backbone to serve the central Virginia area.  The AREDN backbone will serve as the foundation of a modern, high-speed IP data network primarily serving EMCOMM users.  Adjustments and buildout are still occurring and the network is being evaluated for stability and performance.  We anticipate the network will be ready for routine use in spring 2020.  RATS will offer presentations and training opportunities on this subject in early to mid 2020.

Available Services

Our AREDN mesh system operates as a Part 97 network and use of encrypted protocols is generally prohibited.  A long term goal is to have various services hosted within the mesh, but certain external (Internet-based) resources can be reached through specially-configured gateways.  In many instances, proxies or other workarounds will be necessary to permit non-SSL (un-encrypted) access to normally secured services such as most web sites.  General-purpose Internet access is outside the scope and spirit of the AREDN network and the amateur service, so RATS WAN gateways will not normally provide this functionality.

System Coverage Map

A map showing current system build and targeted coverage can be found below.  This is not a representation of real-world coverage as a variety of factors impact service availability.  5 GHz signals are incredibly line-of-sight.  Trees, nearby houses and other buildings may impede availability by attenuating signals or introducing reflections that reduce performance.  All channels on this system are 5 MHz wide.

In addition to our map below, you can find a map of all known active AREDN nodes here.

RATS sites:

  • 2-sector 5 GHz + single 2.4 GHz omni node in lower Downtown
  • 1 omni 5 GHz in Eastern Powhatan
  • 1 point-to-point link serving Beaverdam DMR repeater
  • 3 sector 5 GHz in Midlothian

Active links shown in black, planned links in orange.

Contact Peter Martin K2VIZ if you are interested in contributing vertical-resources to the AREDN mesh project.


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