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FrostFest 2022 Update:

Attention all Amateur radio operators, vendors, and general public:

FrostFest 2022 has been cancelled due to uncertainty about COVID restrictions that existed in August 2021, the time at which the go/no go decision had to be made.

FrostFest 2023 is very likely to happen, but the plans for it are TBD.

Check back on this Webpage mid-2022 for announcements regarding FrostFest 2023.


RATS Board of Directors

Repeater Updates:

During the general membership meeting on 12/18/20 the club voted to acquire 2 Yaesu DR-2X repeaters to replace the old VHF repeater. The second will be kept as a spare as the DR-2X can operate and be quickly programmed for VHF or UHF frequencies.

On 1/24/21 the old VHF repeater was replaced on the 146.880 with one of the Yaesu DR-2X which is now in operation. The repeater is currently configured to accept both analog and digital input with analog-only output.

Election/Bylaw update results:

Congratulations to those elected or re-elected to their Board positions. New Officers will assume their roles effective at the January general membership meeting. The revisions to the Bylaws went into effect once the tallying was completed during the meeting on 12/18. Here are the results:

Treasurer: Peter Martin. Secretary:Ray Robins. Directors: Judi LeHuquet, Brewer Pedin and David Thomas.

Full results can be viewed here

Meetings for now are ONLINE ONLY

While the Governor of Virginia's Executive Order 72 is in effect, all RATS meetings will be online only via Zoom. 

Frostfest 2021 Cancelled

In the interests of safety, and facing a number of unknowns and issues that could have affected our ability to produce the quality of show that our attendees and vendors have come to expect, Frostfest has been cancelled for 2021. Please read the entire public announcement on the Frostfest website.


For those who have not yet paid 2020-2021 dues, the software changed status to LAPSED/INACTIVE on 9/15 instead of the end of the month.  For the purposes of club-business, past-due members are still "current" until the end of the grace-period on 10/31/20
New DMRVA Talkgroup List Available

Jay at DMRVA has posted an updated talkgroup list for the DMRVA repeater network.  This updated list includes the two newer repeaters on the network (South Hill and Charlottesville-Carter Mountain) as well as some new TAC channels and regional talkgroups.  These new repeaters and talkgroups are immediately available for use.

The W4RAT DMR C-Bridge repeater is part of the DMRVA network of 16 repeaters serving Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Club meeting information

Our club meetings are usually the third Friday of each month at 7:30 PM.  You do not need to be a club member or a licensed ham to attend a meeting.

UPDATE - - Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, RATS has been holding our membership meetings online. We look forward to seeing everyone face-to-face as soon as we can! Please see our Meetings page on the left-hand menu to see our planning each month, and for any updates to links and procedures as circumstances evolve. All are still welcome to attend our meetings, even online!

Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. (RATS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 70613, Henrico VA, 23255

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