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DMR Codeplug Information

A DMR codeplug is a complete configuration file for a radio, containing all of the contacts, channels, zones, and other settings required to access DMR talk groups.  Codeplug file formats vary by manufacturer and occasionally by model.  As different radios have various channel selection mechanisms and bank capacities, different RF band support, and other variations in capabilities and programming, proper code plugs are essentially unique to each model of radio.  Many users prefer to start from a pre-built codeplug since it can sometimes eliminate many minutes or hours of tedious programming which may not be fully understood, but even a pre-built codeplug can require considerable customization before it is ready for use.

Where to get codeplugs

As of August 2022, DMRVA no longer furnishes pre-built codeplugs for its networkUsers need to understand how to properly program their equipment and there are simply too many different makes and models of radios for DMRVA and RATS to keep up with, each having their own quirks and limitations that can require a custom codeplug.  Users who need help understanding how to program their radios should refer to their owner's manual, the numerous educational resources available on the Internet, and our Get Started with W4RAT DMR guide.

You may be able to source codeplugs from other hams who have the same or similar model of radio.

RATS-provided codeplugs

As a courtesy, we are providing a collection of pre-built codeplugs.  You can start with one of these files and modify it to suit your needs.  For more information, see our Get Started with W4RAT DMR guide.

These files are a starting point.  You will need to perform some further editing to set your radio ID and any additional repeaters, configure various radio settings, build scan lists to your preferences, etc.  Only the "master" files here will receive regular updates.  When updating the master file, we will not necessarily re-generate any of the converted files.

Obviously we don't have codeplugs for every radio on the market.  What we do have might be "close enough" to work with your radio, or might work after passing through a codeplug conversion utility.  For example, the Alinco DJ-MD5T codeplug probably works with the mobile version of the same radio, the DJ-MD500, but we haven't tried it.  Other radio models, you may need to start from scratch.  The radios represented in the list below range from bargain-priced HTs to upper-midrange Connect Systems handheld and mobile units -- generally the type of hardware we'd expect the "average" club member to have.

Because maintaining an accurate codeplug is tedious, time-consuming work, we're developing codeplugs primarily for the popular Connect Systems CS750 and CS800D radios.  These codeplugs are in a format that is easily converted to a number of different models.  Thus, we maintain only one "master" file for each codeplug type, and then it only takes a few minutes to convert that codeplug to support other models.  If we can't easily convert our master codeplug to support a model, we probably won't support that model at all, sorry.  In some instances we may produce a "limited" codeplug for these otherwise-unsupported radios.

To be notified when a new or updated codeplug is published here, scroll down for details on our codeplug announcement e-mail list.

As of August 1, 2023:

  • 30 radios are fully supported, 4 more models are unconfirmed
  • 8 radios are partially supported through limited codeplugs, 4 more unconfirmed
  • 79 specific models from 21 brands have been evaluated for potential compatibility
  • Of 33 unsupported models, 26 are due to deficiencies in the manufacturer's CPS application or no access to a working CPS
  • Four models are on our "do not use" list due to significant hardware defects

This library is under development.  We're starting with a UHF monoband codeplug and will move on to a dual-band codeplug shortly.

RATS codeplugs are created and maintained by Steve Crow KG4PEQ.

For a history of changes, consult the README file corresponding to the master codeplug in each series.
Additional detail can be found in the message history on our codeplug announcement list.

8/3/2023:  Access to codeplug files has been temporarily restricted to RATS members only.  You will be prompted to log in with your credentials prior to downloading.

[Channel List for 7/25/2023 Codeplugs | List of Current & Future Supported Radios, updated 8/1/2023]

UHF monoband codeplugs (16ch)


Created for Connect Systems CS750 firmware S4.00.01, CPS R4.01.002
Contains 57 group contacts, 628 channels, 36 zones, 19 scan lists, 19 receive group lists.

RATS master codeplug.  Other monoband codeplugs are converted from this file.
07/25/2023 Converted for Alinco DJ-AXD4, CPS 1.00  (future model)
07/25/2023 Converted for Alinco DJ-MD40, CPS 1.12  (future model)

Converted for Alinco DJ-MD5T, firmware 1.13C, CPS 1.12
Also supports variants DJ-MD5FXT, DJ-MD5XLT, DJ-MD5XT, DJ-MD5TGP
Likely works with Alinco DR-MD500,
Radioddity GD-AT10G*  [let us know]
* GD-AT10G CPS throws a "type mismatch" error when opening this file, but otherwise appears to load it OK 07/25/2023
Converted for Anytone AT-D858 07/25/2023
Converted for Anytone AT-D878UV II Plus, CPS 3.2 - Special notice for all AT878 models
Also supports variants AT-D868UV, AT-D878UV, AT-D878 Plus;  Baofeng/BTECH DMR-6X2 Pro
Likely works with AT-D578UVIII Plus, AT-D578UVIII Pro 
[let us know]
Converted for Baofeng DM-1701, firmware 02.03, CPS 1.05
Converted for Baofeng/BTECH DMR-6X2 (Pro version: see AT-D878UV codeplug)

Converted for Connect Systems CS650 (native CPS file conversion)
Converted for Connect Systems CS700
Converted for Connect Systems CS710 (native CPS file conversion) 07/25/2023
Converted for Connect Systems CS800 (native CPS file conversion)
Converted for Connect Systems CS810 (native CPS file conversion)
Converted for Tytera MD2017, CPS 1.16
Also supports Retevis RT90
Converted for Tytera MD380, MD390 (non-GPS), Retevis RT3
Also supports Tytera MD380G, MD-9600
Converted for Tytera MD390G
Dual-band codeplugs (16ch)


Created for Connect Systems CS800D firmware V1.0.01, CPS 4.03.04
Beta release - please send defect reports to
Contains 57 group contacts, 720 channels, 38 zones, 20 scan lists, 20 receive group lists

RATS master codeplug.  Other dual-band codeplugs are converted from this file.

Limited Codeplugs - CPS limitations make it difficult for us to maintain a full codeplug for these models.  These may contain only the RIC, BEA, NKC, PBG, and POW sites.
Created for Cotre CO04D - 4 codeplug files:  RIC-BEA, RIC-NKC, RIC-PBG, RIC-POW
UHF monoband codeplugs.  Each file contains 19 group contacts, 32 channels, 1 zone.
Likely works with Connecom GD800, GOCOM GD800  [let us know]
07/25/2023 Created for Connect Systems CS120D, firmware V5.00.01, CPS
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 59 group contacts, 153 channels, 8 zones.
Created for Connect Systems CS760, firmware V5.00.01, CPS 1.06.001
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 59 group contacts, 153 channels, 8 zones.
Created for Radioddity GD-77, CPS 3.1.9
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 19 group contacts, 126 channels, 8 zones.
Created for Ailunce HD1 and HD1 GPS, CPS 3.03
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 19 group contacts, 127 channels, 8 zones
Created for Wouxon KG-UVN1, CPS 1.3.4
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 19 group contacts, 127 channels, 8 zones
Created for Retevis RT73, CPS V3.3 (9.2.16)
UHF monoband codeplug.  Contains 18 group contacts, 112 channels, 8 zones.
Likely works with Radioddity DB-25D, GD-88  [let us know]
Contact Lists

Contact lists in .csv and .xls file formats - 117,306 contacts total
Formatted for Connect Systems CS750/CS800D CPS but easily converted to many other models.

Contains 7 sets of files:
US Southeast - 29,558 in AL, AR, DC, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV
US Northeast - 18,402 in CT, DE, MD, NJ, PA, RI, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT
US Midwest - 22,488 in IA, IL, IN, KS, MN, ND, NE, MI, MO, OH, SD, WI
US Southwest - 12,497 in AZ, OK, NM, TX
US West - 25,399 in AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY
US Mid-Atlantic - 20,529 in DC, DE, MD, NC, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV (overlaps w/other files)
North America Other - 8,962 contacts

 *For converted files, the date shown here is the date of the master file from which the conversion was performed.

Please take note of the following important caveats:

  • You will need to set your radio ID in the codeplug before loading to your radio.
  • Our master codeplug files are based on the Connect Systems CS750 and CS800D platforms and are designed for 16 channel zones.  These are created for the specific firmware and CPS versions listed above but should import fine into newer firmware/CPS.  These versions date to late 2019 so many users will have newer versions already.  Older radios may need updates to use these codeplugs.
  • Unless otherwise noted, codeplugs are designed for use with the manufacturer's official CPS.  Your mileage may vary using third party CPS or conversion tools.
  • Some codeplugs are provided as Data Conversion Format (.dcf) files.  Note that these files do not store any radio settings, such as key assignments, backlight settings, custom tones, etc.  Once you load the .dcf into your CPS, be sure to then save it in your radio's native codeplug format.  We've found that most CPS applications will not warn about this when saving in .dcf, resulting in loss of those settings once exiting the CPS.  Saving to your radio's native codeplug format (.rdb, etc) will ensure all settings are retained.
  • Full codeplugs contain all DMRVA repeaters and a selection of other surrounding DMR repeaters.
  • Codeplugs contain a selection of SERA standard simplex frequencies, analog and digital.  "SPX" prefix in the channel name indicates a digital simplex channel, "Spx" indicates analog.
  • No private contacts are included in these codeplugs but these may be manually added by the user.
  • The Richmond Brandmeister repeater ("Richmond BM" / RICB) is off the air but remains in the codeplug.
  • Users of CS120D, CS750, CS760, and CS800D radios will find that the "Clear Timeslot" channel doubles as a dual-timeslot "monitor all" function.  This function may or may not carry forward to other makes/models or may behave differently.
  • If you are unable to convert the basic codeplugs we provide  you may be able to obtain one from another club member by inquiring at our membership meeting or on the weekly net.
  • These files are dependent on the accuracy and completeness of information furnished by DMRVA and the other repeater operators around the region.  If you find an error or other problem in the RATS codeplugs, please send a note to  We appreciate your feedback!
Codeplug Announcement E-mail List

We have established an announcement-only e-mail list for notifications of new or updated codeplugs.  This list is open to the public.

  1. Send a blank e-mail to
  2. You'll receive an automated message asking you to reply or click a link to join the group.
  3. Reply to that e-mail -- don't click the link, it doesn't seem to work reliably at the moment.

This is a low-traffic e-mail list that carries only announcements from the RATS Technical Committee regarding the DMR codeplug collection and any changes to talkgroups or repeater configuration that may impact existing codeplugs.

No subscription is required to view the message history.

Custom codeplug troubleshooting assistance

Active RATS members needing assistance getting their codeplug working are welcome to e-mail their complete codeplug file to  Include in your request:
  1. the make and model of your radio
  2. firmware and CPS versions (if known)
  3. a brief description of your issue
  4. the call sign associated with your RATS membership.
Provided we have access to the required CPS, we may be able to help you troubleshoot.

The Technical Committee is not Technical Support.  This service is provided on a best-effort, time-available basis by volunteers who stay busy with other club projects.  We cannot build your codeplug for you.

RATS Codeplug Project Scope

The RATS codeplug project aims to maintain codeplugs for the following radios:

  • All amateur-oriented Alinco DMR handhelds and mobiles.
  • All amateur-oriented, house-branded (CSxxx) Connect Systems handhelds and mobiles.
  • All radios with codeplugs easily convertible from the CS750/CS800D master files.
  • additional radios as time permits

Currently out of scope for the codeplug project:

  • Commercial/public safety radio models, unless super easy for us to support with minimal effort
  • Includes all Hytera, Kenwood, Motorola, RCA, and Vertex radios

If you have experience producing codeplugs for the out-of-scope commercial/public safety equipment just mentioned, and you can commit to long-term maintenance of codeplugs built to align with the channel and talkgroup configuration in our main offering, contact to potentially have your codeplugs added to our library.

Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society, Inc. (RATS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. PO Box 70613, Henrico VA, 23255
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