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RATS RF System Status

This information does not update in real-time, but any known system issues will be posted here when practical.

To report a technical issue with a RATS system please contact the Technical Committee.

Standard Maintenance Windows

Outages associated with the following recurring maintenance activities will not be specifically mentioned in front page bulletins or in the system status table below.

  • Routine updates to the RATS IT network will be applied between 12 AM and 2 AM Saturday mornings.  When updates are required, this will result in one or more (usually two) brief outages to network connectivity on the DMR, WIRES-X, and AREDN systems.  These updates are typically needed around once a month.  Updates for critical security vulnerabilities may be performed at any time.

  • The WIRES-X PC at the repeater site reboots every Saturday morning at 2 AM.  This will result in a brief (less than five minutes) outage to WIRES-X and AREDN Winlink RMS-Relay services.

Updated 2023-09-24 1:22p by Steve Crow KG4PEQ

System/Component Status Detail
VHF FM Repeater
146.880 MHz (-) PL 74.4 W4RAT/R

Operating Normally

C4FM input is recommended for improved audio quality and reliability during periods of mild to moderate noise.  [More Info]

UHF C4FM+FM Dual Mode Repeater
442.550 MHz (+) PL 74.4 W4RAT/R

Operating Normally

UHF DMR C-Bridge Repeater
443.5875 MHz (+) CC1 W4RAT/R

Operating Normally

W4RAT-2 Coatesville APRS Digipeater
144.390 MHz WIDE1/2 · Sponsor: Peter K2VIZ

Operating Normally

W4RAT-4 West End APRS Digipeater
144.390 MHz WIDE1/2 · Sponsor: Peter K2VIZ
Operating Normally

W4RAT-5 Prince George APRS Digipeater
144.390 MHz WIDE1/2 · Sponsor: Jay KD4BPZ
Operating Normally

Midlothian AREDN - 3-Sector Node
W4RAT-MIDL-W 5.8 GHz 120°
W4RAT-MIDL-NE 5.8 GHz 120°
W4RAT-MIDL-SE 5.8 GHz 120°
View connected nodes and services

Operating Normally

As previously announced, the W4RAT AREDN sites switched from 5 MHz to 10 MHz channels effective 4 PM August 26, 2023.  10 MHz will be the new standard channel width for the AREDN backbone project.  This change was made to allow use of newer generations of hardware that do not support legacy 5 MHz channels

AREDN Experimental Winlink RMS Relay
W4RAT-VPM-GW.local.mesh port 8772
Operating Normally

Currently handling local traffic only;  not connected to the Winlink network.

AREDN Tunnel Services (inbound)
 Operating Normally

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